Program - Dynamics Days 2002

The registration desk will be open for meeting attendees to register on Thursday evening (January 3)  and at appropriate times throughout the meeting.  The presentation of talks will begin Friday morning (January 4) and the meeting will end Monday in the middle of the day (January 7) .


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Thursday (Jan. 3)

  5:30-8:30 PM   Registration

Friday (Jan. 4)

  8:00-               Registration

  8:15-8:30        Welcome                 Ed Ott
  8:30-9:30        Tutorial/Review        Herb Levine: Biological Applications of Pattern-Formation Physics
  9:30-9:50  Thomas Powers: Bacterial Flagellar Mechanics
  9:50-10:35 Jane Wang: Unsteady Aerodynamics of Insect Flight

10:35-11:05      Break

11:05-11:25 Lora Billings: Noise Induced Chaos in Population Models
11:25-12:10 Robert Behringer: Stress Propagation in Granular Materials

12:10-1:50        Lunch

  1:50-2:35  Julio Friedmann: Dynamics of Turbidity Currents: Gravity-driven Erosion and Deposition at the Edges of Continents
  2:35-2:55  Gemunu Gunaratne: Development of Non-Invasive Diagnostics for Osteoporosis: A Model Based Approach
  2:55-3:15  Jeff Urbach: Distributions and Correlations in a Vibrated Granular Layer

  3:15-3:45        Break

  3:45-4:05  Devaraj van der Meer: Birth and Sudden Death of a Granular Cluster
  4:05-4:25  Kurt Wiesenfeld: Huygens' Clocks
  4:25-5:10  Craig Henriquez: Integrative Modeling of the Heart: Studying the Dynamics of Atrial Fibrillation
  5:10-5:30  Flavio Fenton: Validation of Full 3D Numerical Simulations of Electrical Dynamics in Rabbit Ventricles with Experiments

Saturday (Jan. 5)

  8:00-               Registration

  8:30-9:30        Tutorial/Review        Eric Heller: Classical and Quantum Flow Over Hilly Terrain: Branching and Coherence
  9:30-9:50  Hakan Tureci: Chaos Brought to Light: Microcavity Lasers
  9:50-10:35 Mark Raizen: Observation of Chaos Assisted Tunneling of Ultra-Cold Atoms
10:35-10:55 Lev Kaplan: Wave Function Structure, Ergodicity, and Localization in Quantum Chaotic Systems

10:55-12:15      Poster Session and Break

12:15-2:00        Lunch

  2:00-2:45  Charles Doering: Limits on Turbulent Transport
  2:45-3:05  Andrew Belmonte: Dynamic Patterns of a Driven Hanging Chain: Swinging, Jumping, Knots
  3:05-3:25  Lawrie Virgin: Transient Global Behavior in Experimental Nonlinear Oscillators

  3:25-3:55         Break

  3:55-4:15  Harry Dankowicz: Exploiting Discontinuities for Stabilization of Recurrent Motions
  4:15-5:00  Jean-Francois Pinton: Statistics of Lagrangian Velocity in Fully Developed Turbulence
  5:00-5:20  Martin Greiner: Reynolds Number Dependence of the Intermittency Exponent in Fully Developed Turbulence
  5:20-5:40  David Sweet: Fractal Dimension of Chaotic Saddles in the Kuramoto-Sivashinski Equation

Sat. 8:00-9:30    Poster session and refreshments

Sunday (Jan. 6)

  8:00-               Registration

  8:30-9:30        Tutorial/Review       Peter Grassberger: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
  9:30-9:50   Matthew Kennel: Estimating Parameters and Model Transformations by Chaotic Synchronization
  9:50-10:35 George Zaslavsky: Tracers, Coherent Structures and Fractional Kinetics
10:35-10:55 Bruno Eckhardt: Chaotic Advection in Oscillatory Flows

10:55-12:15      Poster Session and Break

12:15-2:00        Lunch

  2:00-2:45  Jeffrey Weiss: A Dynamical Systems View of Planetary Turbulence
  2:45-3:05  Rene Mikkelsen: Granular Eruptions: Void Collapse and Jet Formation
  3:05-3:25  Evelyn Sander: Limits to the Experimental Detection of Nonlinear Synchrony

  3:25-3:55        Break

  3:55-4:15  Greg Voth: Measurements of Stretching Fields in Chaotic Mixing Experiments
  4:15-5:00  Sandra Troian: On a Generalized Approach to Linear Stability of Spatially Dependent Thin Film Flows
  5:00-5:20  Daniel Blair: Self-Assembling Chains, Rings and Droplets in Dipolar Granular Fluids
  5:20-5:40  Shankar Venkataramani: Crumpled sheets:  A Paradigm for Multiple Scale Behavior in Nonlinear Systems

Sun.  8:00-9:30    Poster session and refreshments

Monday (Jan. 7)

  8:30-9:30       Tutorial/Review        Leo Kadanoff: Making a Splash; Breaking a Neck: The Development of Complexity in Physical Systems
  9:30-9:50  Eric Weeks: Aging in Colloidal Glasses
  9:50-10:10 Linda Moniz: Convergence of Dynamically Defined Upper Bound Sets
10:10-10:30 Eran Sharon: Multi-scale Buckling in Thin Sheets

10:30-11:00      Break

11:00-11:20 Jan Sengers: Fluctuations in Fluids in Thermal Nonequilibrium States Below the Convective Rayleigh-Benard Instability
11:20-12:05 Guenter Ahlers: Some Provocative Unresolved Problems in Rayleigh-Benard Convection
12:05-12:50 Harry Swinney: Scaling in Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Rotating Turbulent Flows

12:50-1:00        Conclusion

 (For  those staying later, a tour of the University of Maryland nonlinear dynamics laboratories will be offered, including transportation from and to the hotel.)

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