Abstracts of invited and contributed talks

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Dynamics Days 2004, Jan 2-5, Chapel Hill, NC

Dynamics Days 2003, Jan 8-11, Scottsdale, AZ (will be available ~ Jan 14)

Other Conferences:  Dynamics Days Europe 2002, July 15-19, Heidelberg, Germany

The Chaos Group at the University of Maryland is pleased to host the 

International Conference on 

Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics

Dynamics Days 2002
Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, 
Baltimore, MD
Friday, January 4th
Monday, January 7th, 2002

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From D. Sweet, E. Ott, J. A. Yorke, Nature 399, 315 (1999).  For more information on the background image visit http://www.chaos.umd.edu/Spheres_Photos/spheres_photo.html

Abstracts of invited and contributed talks

Dynamics Days 2003, Jan 8-11, Scottsdale, AZ (will be available ~ Jan 14)

List of Participants

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Dynamics Days is an annual interdisciplinary conference designed to stimulate interactions among researchers with interests in dynamical systems, particularly those with nonlinear aspects.  This year topics will include chaotic dynamics, turbulence, biodynamics, granular and fluid dynamics, and quantum chaos.

Invited Speakers

Guenther Ahlers (UCSB)
Mark Raizen (U. Texas)
Robert Behringer (Duke)
Harry Swinney (U. Texas)
Charles Doering (U. Michigan)
Sandra Troian (Princeton)
Julio Friedmann (U. Maryland)
Jane Wang (Cornell)
Craig Henriquez (Duke)
Jeff Weiss (U. Colorado)
Jean-Francois Pinton (Lyon)
George Zaslavsky (NYU)

The conference format consists of a single series of talks in a large meeting room plus poster sessions throughout the conference.  In addition to the invited lectures, the organizing committee has selected 25 contributed talks for oral presentation.  There will also be four review/tutorial lectures. (The latter are a new feature for Dynamics Days and are partly motivated by what we hope will be greater graduate student attendance at the meeting.)

Review/ Tutorial Lectures

Peter Grassberger (U. Wuppertal)
Leo Kadanoff (U. Chicago)
Eric Heller (Harvard)
Herb Levine (UCSD)

Graduate student support:  This year it is planned that there will be special designated funds to support the expenses of graduate students attending the meeting.  Graduate students wishing to receive support need to apply by the Nov 9 deadline.  Applications should include evidence of the ability of the student to benefit from attendance (e.g., relevant background and potential benefit to the student's research.)


Deadline for Contributed Abstracts: passed
Deadline for Travel Grant Requests: passed
Deadline for Pre-registration:  passed (Late registration possible)
Please check back for further information at this website  http://www.chaos.umd.edu/DDays2002/
or email ddays2002@umail.umd.edu

Organizers:  E. Ott (eo4@umail.umd.edu)(chairman), D. Egolf (egolf@physics.georgetown.edu), D. Gauthier (gauthier@phy.duke.edu), B.R. Hunt (bhunt@ipst.umd.edu), D. Lathrop (dpl@complex.umd.edu), D. Levermore (lvrmr@math.umd.edu), W. Losert (wlosert@glue.umd.edu),  R. Roy (rroy@glue.umd.edu), J. Socolar (socolar@phy.duke.edu) and J.A. Yorke (yorke@ipst.umd.edu).

Host:  Chaos Group at the University of Maryland

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