Edward Ott

Distinguished University Professor
of Electrical Engineering and Physics,
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics,
Institute for Systems Research

Edward Ott earned his bachelor's degree from Cooper Union in the field of electrical engineering. He received his master's and doctoral degrees in electrophysics from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. After a postdoctoral year at Cambridge University, he became a professor of electrical engineering at Cornell University. In 1979, Professor Ott became a faculty member of the University of Maryland at College Park.

Before embarking on the field of chaotic dynamics, Professor Ott did research in intense charged particle beams and the theory of plasmas. After coming to the University of Maryland, Professor Ott began to concentrate on issues in chaos while still carrying on research in plasma dynamics. Some of the problems that Professor Ott is currently working on are: 1. Chaotic Scattering, 2. Fast Magnetic Dynamos, 3. Fractals, transport, and Lagrangian Chaos in Fluids, 4. Control of Chaos, 5. Fractal Basin Boundaries, 6. Communication with Chaos, and 7. Transitions of the dynamics of chaotic systems with variation of a parameter.

In addition to about three hundred publications in scientific journals, Professor Ott is the author of the book, Chaos in Dynamical Systems an introduction to concepts in chaotic dynamics for scientists and students. He is also an editor of the book Coping with Chaos which is a collection of reprints that focuses on how scientists observe, quantify, and control chaos.

Contact Information:

Professor Edward Ott
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics
UMCP, College Park, MD 20742


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