Applied Dynamics Seminar  

All seminars are Thursday at  12:15 pm in Room 1207, Energy Research Building (unless otherwise noted)


TALKS START at 12.30pm in the FALL 2008 semester,  updated Oct 20 2008

The seminar is sponsored jointly by the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST), the Math Dept, and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP) and is organized by Wolfgang Losert. The format of the seminar includes lunch (we provide pizza and sodas on a first-come-first-served basis for $5 per person, or you may bring your own lunch) and two 20-minute talks that emphasize applicable dynamics. 

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Listings of Past Seminars

Fall 2008

Current Applied Dynamics Seminar Sept 18
Speaker: Eric Forgoston, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Title: Escape Rates in a Stochastic Environment with Multiple Scales

Sept 25
No seminar scheduled

Oct 2
Speaker:  Stu Antman, Math and IPST, UMD
Title:  Shuddering

Oct 10 (FRI)
Joint Fluid Dynamics Review and Applied Dynamics Seminar
Speaker:  Jane Wang, Cornell University
Title:  Insect Flight: aerodynamics, efficiency, and evolution
Host:  Losert

Oct 23

Speaker:  Kimberly Glass, Dept of Physics, UMD and
                  National Cancer Institute, NIH
Title:  Biological Dynamics:  Controlling Gene Expression
                  via DNA methylation

Oct 30
Speaker:  Colin McCann, Dept of Physics, UMD
          and National Cancer Institute, NIH
Title:  Group dynamics and quorum sensing during
             Dictyostelium chemotaxis

Nov 6
Speaker:  Wim van Saarloos, Director, Lorenz Center,
         University of Twente, Holland
Title:  A general approach to front propagation into
        unstable states

Nov 13
No seminar - Burgers Symposium on Nov 14

Nov 20
***12 min talks on Fluid Dynamics**

Speaker 1: Doug Kelley, UMD -
     A hydromagnetic spherical Couette experiment with a soft iron core

Speaker 2: Santiago Triana, UMD
     Spherical Couette flow in a three diameter system

Speaker 3: TBA

Speaker 4:  TBA

Nov 27

Dec 4

Dec 11
Speaker:  David Hu, Georgia Tech
Title:  TBA

****WINTER 2008 *****************************
Jan 15
Speaker: Yoshitaka Saiki (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
        Kyoto University)
Title : Time averaged properties along unstable periodic orbitsand
      chaotic orbits in some systems of differential equations

Speaker : Miki Kobayashi (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
         Kyoto University)
Title : Buridan's donkey in a chaos-chaos transition

Host:  Ott