Spring  2004 - partial list

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2004
Time: 12:15pm
Place: Room 1207, Energy Research Facility

Speaker: Ildar Gabitov, University of Arizona
Title: Communications in disordered optical media
Host: Roy

Feb 5
Speaker: Priya Ranjan, UMD
Title: Greed Considered Harmful


Feb 12
Speaker: Paul Brumer, University of Toronto
Title:  Coherent Control of The Quantum Kicked Rotor:
         From Controlled Chaotic Diffusion to Rachet Accelerators
Host: Roy

Date: TUESDAY February 17, 2004 
Speaker: Raymond Goldstein, Physics Dept., University of Arizona
Title: Individual and Collective Dynamics of Bacteria

February 26

Speaker: Peter Frick, Lab. of Physical Hydrodynamics, Perm, Russia
Title: "Sodium experiments in a torus -- spin-down dynamos"
Host: Lathrop

Mar 4
Speaker: Steve Anlage, UMCP
Title: Wave chaos: Experimental Tests of the Random Coupling Model
Speaker2: TBA

Mar 11
Speaker: Josh Socolar, Duke University
Title: TBA
Host: Losert

March 18
Speaker: Stefano Boccaletti, INOA, Florence, Italy
Title: TBA
Host: Roy

March 25
Spring Break

April 1
Speaker: Patrick Richard, Univ of Rennes
Title: TBA

Speaker2: TBA

April 8
Speaker: Sandra Chapman, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard
Title: complexity in intermittent solar system plasmas

Speaker: Nick Watkins, Space & Astrophysics Group, Warwick Univ.
Title: The Challenge of Detecting Long Range Correlation
in Space Plasmas

April 15
Speaker: TBA

April 22
Speaker: Mark Raizen, UT Austin
Title: TBA

April 29

Speaker:  TBA


Past Seminars

Fall 2003 semester

Thursday, Sept 11, 2003  (12.15 pm; Room 1207 Energy Research Building)
Speaker: Shmuel Fishman, Technion
Title: Trapping of particles by lasers: the quantum Kapitza pendulum

Speaker: TBA

Oct 2

Speaker: Julio Friedmann, UMD
Title: Complex phenomena in collosal granular flows: Observations
and physics of modern and recent rock avalanches

Speaker: Justin Stambaugh, UMD
Title: Patterns and Segregation in a Vibrated Monolayer of
Magnetic Spheres

October 9

Speaker: Kyuyong Lee, UMD
Title: Dynamics of grain boundaries
-- one short talk

October 16

Speaker: Michael Schatz, Georgia Tech
Title: Optical Manipulation of Flow Dynamics  in Thermal Convection Experiments
---One long talk
Host: Brian Hunt

October 23
Speaker: Vernon L. Towle, Ph.D. The University of Chicago
Title: Organized Patterns of Electrophysiologic Coherence Across the Human Cortex
---One long talk
Host: Wolfgang Losert

October 30

Speaker: James Yorke

Title:  Wheather Forecasting

Speaker:  Yongsun Hwang, ECE, UMCP

Title: Communication Secrecy via a Class of Chaotic Spread Spectrum Systems

November  6

Speaker: Yue-kin Tsang, UMD
Title: Intermittency in Two-dimensional Turbulence with Drag

Speaker: Michael Oczkowski, Dept Meteorology, UMD
Title: "Atmospheric Low Dimensionality and Targeted

November 13

Speaker: Brian Hunt, UMCP
Title: Using an ensemble to determine which trajectory
best fits the data
- one talk only -

Nov 20

Speaker: Masahiro Toiya, UMD
Title: Oscillatory granular shear flow

Speaker: Daniel Lanterman, UMD
Title: Effects of long chain polymers on dissipation
scale turbulence statistics

Nov 27

Dec 4

Speaker: Tom Carr, Southern Methodist University
Title: Exploring Pulsating Lasers with Maps

Speaker: Juan G. Restrepo, UMD
Title: Desynchronization bursts in networks of coupled oscillators

Dec 11

Speaker: Atsushi Uchida, Univ of Maryland
Title: Consistency of dynamics in a microchip laser