Post Funnies

I recently came across some amusing vanity plates I saw in the Washington Post, and I thought I would share them with you. The first one is Mr. Wiley's funny comic strip, Non Sequitur as seen on the August 9, 1996 edition of the newspaper

The second funny piece I came across in the Post is an old Style section Invitational which I reproduced below:

Report from Week 9, in which we asked you to come up with vanity license
plates  for  famous people. But first, a quick mail call. A few of you have
written  in,  asking what we do with your losing entries after the judging.
What would you do with 500 lame Vanities? We had a bonfire. You're welcome.

   The Winners:

   Fifth  Runner-Up:  UP CHUCK-Princess Di (Bruce Powers, Alexandria. Also,
"Hoops," Alexandria)
   Fourth Runner-Up: CALL AAA-All Metro buses (Harold Kerr, Washington)

   Third Runner-Up: R U MINE?-Dr. Cecil Jacobson, "The Sperminator" (Audrey
Kovalak, Springfield)

   Second Runner-Up: NTM NTM-Judy Garland (Tom O'Brien, Winchester)

   First Runner-Up: FCC YOU-Howard Stern (Terri Levine, Herndon)

   And  the  Winner  of  the Irresponsible Books About Robbery, Torture and
other Mayhem:

   FOR!-Dan Quayle (Don Beale, Arlington)

   Honorable Mentions:

   ONLYACAR-Sigmund Freud (Robert Hofheimer, Norfolk)

   I 4 GOT-Ronald Reagan (Anna Sokol, Alexandria)

   1 2 MANY-John Riggins (Gordon Angell, McLean)
   YES DEAR-Bill Clinton (Tom Crites, Gaithersburg)

   I/M-Jack the Ripper (Kathy Weisse, Sykesville)

   QUAIL1-Dan Quayle (Eric D. Greenberg, Washington)

   IM L8-Bill Clinton (Jonathan S. Silber, Bethesda)

   (A blank plate)-Al Gore (George C. Montgomery, Bethesda)

   (A blank plate)-J.P. Sartre (Ken Schwartz, Burke)

   #####-LAPD cars (E. Kelly Merritte, Charleston, W.Va.)

   1/8/40- -Elvis Presley (Neil Molenda, Arlington)

   I C U-George Orwell (Kathy Weisse, Sykesville)

   COPY *.* -Joe Biden (Harold Mantle, Darnestown)

   TRODHAM-Hillary Clinton (Hoops, Alexandria)
   FEELINGS-Bob Packwood (Nick Dierman, Potomac)

   GO CAPS-e.e. cummings (Rich Isaacman and Kathy Pedelty, Bowie)

   And Last,

   SO LONG-deceased porn star John Holmes (Margaret Welch, Arlington)