Tom Smith relayed the following story to me:
A good friend of mine has obtained the license plate "NONE" for his car. He did this for a couple of reasons. One was to see if he could get it. But the other, more important reason was to see how many tickets he would get for illegal parking when the car was somewhere other than the place the ticket was issued. It is the practice of police departments just about everywhere to write the word "NONE" on a parking ticket when an illegally parked vehicle has no license plates. My friend has shared with me these tickets, which he of course refuses to pay, and will probably write a story for the newspaper eventually when the law comes after him. Not only has he received tickets for his home state, but also for a couple of other states. He keeps detailed records of his travels for business income tax purposes and to prove, if needed, where he was when the tickets were issued.

This nut is also the same guy who will clock the speed of law enforcement personnel who pass him without the blue lights flashing just to see how fast they are going on routine patrol...but this is another story entirely.