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Quarterly update it is. I see that the last time I updated this was the end of July, so I guess I am on schedule. OK, without further ado, I give you the latest goodies:

4EN JUNK Seen on a late model Volvo wagon in Virginia.
4U2DZYR For you to desire, on a 95 Acura Legend
6PK2GO 6 Pack to Go, Turbo V6 1987 Buick Grand National Greenville S.C
ASSMAN Classic Seinfeld episode where Kramer is mistakenly given the plate "ASSMAN" which truly belongs to a proctologist
BUGLITE On a '79 VW Beetle in Nevada
DON H1 The legendary Don Juan spotted in Orlando, FL on a bright red convertible by a Swedish lady tourist?! According to her, "the guy behind the wheel was VERY good-looking".
DZBLND Dizzy Blond, on a white BMW in Colorado with a blond lady driver
FAMFIXR A family therapist in Las Vegas
FCK NXN On a VW bus in San Francisco at the height of the Vietnam War. Herb Caen, the famous San Francisco columnist, supposedly mentioned it in one his columns.
FEOZZI Hint: the owner is an Australian Triathelite and remember your chemistry symbol Fe (Iron)?
HEBGBZ On a 1995 Corvette. "Heebie-jeebies", apparently a commentary on being a passenger in this car
HUM THIS On a Hummer from Denver (With Illinois plates)
HYRTHNU On a small Toyota pickup with VERRRY large tires. Unfortunately, this did not intimidate the cop who pulled the owner over for speeding.
IH8MYX I hate my Ex. Saw it in L.A. (of course).
IM1RU2 Spotted on a Brown Jeep in Hawaii with a Rainbow Flag (gay comunity symbol) bumper sticker
INFL8 On a lady's truck. Before you get any seedy notions, let me point out that she is into riding hot-air balloon (ahem)
IRESCU Owner is an EMT with the rescue squad.
IT HERTZ On an 85 S-15 extended cab that is used for auto-sound competitions. It can blast 250+ watts!!
IX FE IX=Roman numeral 9 and Fe=chemical symbol for iron... "nine-iron". The plate belongs to a Chicago area golf nut.
LOONYBIN On a self-proclaimed cartoon freak
MAKMLAF On a comedian's car in a Blazer in Nevada
MOSEYIN Just moseyin' on a 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS, street rod
MYSNCAN If you remember your highschool chemistry, you should recall that Sn stands for tin, and in case you were wondering, the owner claims that his silver dodge shadow is one, a tin can, that is.
NY AXXNT The owner is a fan of NY and has the original plate hanging in her office in NYNY.
PHA Q A plate seen in Nebraska (the DMV guy must have been sleeping again)
POOR ME He might be, after shelling out big money for his red Porsche 911 convertible.
PU55Y Hmmm, this one got pass the DMV? Brad swore he saw it back in 1985, the GOOD OLD days.
RAWPOWR Apt description for a black 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 in Morristown, NJ.
RIRUVRU Try pronouncing it in doc accent...I am serious, RI RUV RU (I love you) on a 1990 Geo Storm
SIQTDE Hint: SI QT DE...Time's up...Cutie Inside (QT in SIDE) on a white 1995 Integra in Virginia. Very cute!
THE KGB On a nondescript black vehicle
TOOFDR On a dentist's car. Tooth Doctor, get it?
UNSTPBL Unstoppable! I think you better take heed, it's on a Hummer
WARPDRV Warp Drive, on a 1987 Buick Grand National Raleigh N.C.

OK, I am getting lazier and lazier. I noticed that I haven't added any new plates since the end of March. I guess the bimonthly update is now turning into quartely updates.

OOO LALA What more do you need to say? On a 1991 Red Convertible Corvette with IL Plates
1000101 Binary humor on a Virginia plate. For those of you who are binary challenged, it translates to 69 :)
1HNGLO One hung low. Apparently, the driver has only one testicle. Not too sure why he's advertising it tho.
1HRDDRV One Hard drive, on a 1995 Mustang GT (the owner sell computer equipment). The frame says: "at a time"
2BLND4U Too blonde for you. The plate was in a plate holder; the top of the plate said, "some blondes" and the bottom of the plate said, upsidedown, "are intelligent."
2BWED This was the vanity plate the owner came up with for his wife while they were engaged. He hoped it would discourage any "prowlers" on the road. I guess it worked, he just celebrated 4 years of marriage with a baby on the way! Ohhhhhh.
2FMN269 2 females into 69. Actually, the owner revealed that it is not personalized, he just happened to be issued this plate...only in California!
2Q2BSTR8 Too Cute To Be Straight. Seen on a volvo in San Fran
2Q2STOM Too cute to stay home. A gift awarded by a guy to his fiancee (now ex-).
2 UKUF Caught the DMV guy napping in Illinois. Check this out in the mirror
3 2 1 GO on a Nissan Twin Turbo 300zx
400 GPA Potential Ivy-leaguer? Actually, an apparent random plate issued to some guy in Michigan.
AIRHEAD On a white Jeep Wrangler with a soft top. The owner get a lot fewer funny looks when the top is down!
AU DIGR Gold Digger
AUSM An Auburn Alumnus' Autotag...Awesome!
AWLRIZE A judge's plate. It reflects what the bailiff says each morning when he takes the bench
BITHCKR bit hacker, on a beat up ford with the guy driving it looking like a low-level (BIT LEVEL) programmer type.
BZZZZZ There's a little Mazda Miata running in New Hampshire with the following color scheme: Bright yellow with black rag-top and trim...
CRE8IV Presumably on an Artist's car.
CTDRV55 I must admit I share this guy's sentiment - can't drive 55
DIRTBOY He's a filthy geologist and he's also a member of the popular rural band: Dirtboy and the Screamin' Weasles
DIV BY 0 Now you know why Infiniti Q45 are a nerd's favorite car.
DOC4JOX Sports injury specialist's tag
GR8BUNS Keep your mind off that general vicinity! It's actually seen on a bakery delivery van in northern Minnesota
GVML Give em hell! On a grey Porche 944
HAMACHI On a Yellow 1978 Porsche 911SC with a whale tail. If you order Hamachi in a sushi bar you will get yellow tail.
I FLYHI A Flight attendant's plate. I forgot to ask her if she is a member of the Mile High Club ;)
IH8 UNIX I guess he does!
ILOVEME But hey, have you ever seen a more PERFECT "Vanity" plate?!
I M N MBA Seen in the parking lot at Harvard Business School.
INETJNKE There you go, self-proclaimed Internet Junkie
IOBA14K I owe Bank of America $14,000
IT LBS It POUNDS!!!! Oh sorry, I was trying to speak over the car's major stereo system
IW84NO1 I wait for no one. It's a N. Carolina plate that cruise around Winston-Salem on the back of a silver Porsche 944.
KZUL SX Hate to tell these guys this, but "casual sex" is passe. Seen on a Nissan 200SX in California
LGGD OFF Appropriate plate for a technical producer at America Online who "logged off" with the top down on his 1996 Saleen Mustang Speedster convertible every Friday after work.
LITIG8 A lawyer, driving an EXPENSIVE car in Alaska
LUGNAF Let Us Get Naked And ____. Ahem, ...on a 93 Vette.
MOVN FR8 On the vehicle of a dispatcher who works in trucking
MR QUICK On a big black '68 Mustang. Once a girl asked if the 'Stang plate referred to the car or the driver. The owner told her it referred to the driver, but he could go all night. She walked away very fast with a red face . . .
MZ-CHF Wife of a fire chief in the St. Louis County, Missouri area. BTW, MRS-CHF was taken by the Police chief's wife.
NAW T On a red Ford, driven by a pretty hot female.
NOT YETT This WAS a real California plate, which was on a retired 1967 HEARSE from 1985 through 1991. Unfortunately, even old hearses die.
NVIGOR8 Black Acura Vigor (California)
NYOMAD This guy makes good use of his plate; everytime when someone asks him what the letters means, he says if he tells them, they will need to buy him a drink. BTW, Now You Owe Me A Drink...Scotch on the rocks, please
NYUKX3 i.e. Nyuks Nyuks Nyuks. Remember Larry, Curly, Moe, and maybe Shemp?
OBSERV1 An amateur astronomer's plate
PMS ESP On a lady's car in Virginia. Her translation of the plate is: Bitch that knows everything
PONOMO Poor No More: On a Cadillac in Atlanta
PUCK U Driven by a hockey coach
RELXDAD "relax dad" teenage girls muscled ford fairlane
ROTFL :-D (only possible because : and - count as 1/2 space each.) It's a NC plate -- just got it this year! (oh, and it stands for the Internet acronym Rolling on the Floor Laughing -- followed by a laughing smiley!)
STIF ONE On an old white hearse in Utah
TAX RFND on a Red Acura NSX in Los Angeles, CA
THX JAVA Another one coasting on the internet gravy train. Seen on a brand new Porche with a smartly dressed guy driving it
TOONS on a cartoonist/musician's car
TYPE A as in Aggressive driver!
UHATEME Remember the "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" ads. It is a fraternity prank.They dared him and he did it. He lives in Virginia and drives a red 325 BMW.
UNMLU You animal, you.
WHQQSH On a '81 Delorean. As you know, the Q's on the plate actually look like eyeballs. And it's rather appropriate especially with both gull-wing doors open!
WOE 2 U Several other meanings besides the obvious one: 1) is from the Iron Maiden song "Number of the Beast". It is also a quote from the bible (Book Of Revelations Chapter 13 Verse 18)
WON IT This explains why this big old caddy is PINK!
XQZMOI Seen on a Porsche..... (Miss Piggy's perhaps?)
XXRENUF Two Ex's are enough or maybe girls are enough?
XY RN On a male Registered Nurses's plate in NY state. He said at the time he acquired the plate that he wouldn't date any woman who didn't understand what it meant.
YY2WRY Too wise and too wry to boot. On a Honda Civic convertible

Here are some more plates that people have apprised me of since the beginning of this year. Thanks and keep them coming!

16 APR On an accountant's car
1OVER0 1 over zero = infinity, on an Infiniti I30 in Virginia.
1WTHGOD On a purple Hyundai Accent that also has the jesus fish
2ZRESQ To zee resque, on a plate outside of a small town fire department
FE2O3 On a rusty '46 Chevy pickup...get it? Fe2O3 is iron oxide or rust
FINAGL on a finagler's (i.e., accountant's) car
FTFETISH On a Podiatrist's new Caddy
GR82SH Great Tush! What else do you want? ;)
GU10TAG Guten Tag! For those of you that don't Sprechen Sie Deutsch, it means good day in German. The tag was seen on a Benz in California.
H2OLGD Waterlogged. The owner is a swimmer and this appears on his Hyundai Tiburon FX in Missuori
HOBANGR Ahem...I don't think I need to elaborate in polite company. Seen on a silver MR-2 in Fort Walton Beach, FL
ID-BUGM I debug 'em, seen on a large mainframe System's Analyst PA plate
I DO OK Claimed the modest owner of this Porsche 944 Turbo
I INSUR he sells insurence Orlando FL.
IKNEADU You heard the lady! In case you are wondering, she's a Massage Therapist
IOMOM Seen on a new BMW with a teenage male driver
I SD8EM On an anthesiologist's plate
ITCH DR Stop scratching! Or this dermatologist will come after you in his Mercedes convertible
KRAY ZEE This guy recently purchased a 1996 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo without his wife's consent, 2 months before his wedding, one month after buying his house, and 2 days after being lasered doing 95 in a 35. When his wife found out, her response was simply "are you f _ _ _ _ _ _ KRAY ZEE?"
LVNLG living large, and the owner wasn't joking either
MEANMY ...Shadow, Dodge Shadow that is (in St. Louis)
NVRLKBK Never Look Back, on a DeLorian. This is in reference to the movie "Back to the Future"
PNS NVY Penis envy, on a BMW K-75 motorcycle. Not too sure how the owner got past the DMV with this one.
RU NEXT Are you next? On a Hearse driven by a mortician's son
SNKBITE On a Dodge Viper
U2 1 DAY You Too One Day! On a Hearse in central California
UP N D Up and down. The owner works on elevators for a living.
UPURNOZ Seen in California several years ago. Safe to say that this plate doesn't belong to Ms Manners.
YY4U Yet another wise guy. If you believe him, then he's too wise for you

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