Neil Campbell relayed the following story to me:
I am writing to tell you about a vanity plate story I have. I used to own a 1988 Honda Accord and before that I owned a 1983 Accord. Both these cars were adorned with my clever vanity plate which said "LUVMYHO", short for "love my Honda". Well three years went by and everything was great until I received a letter from the VA DMV informing me that my plates had been cancelled, because as they put it, they deemed these plates to be offensive, vulgar, and inappropriate. All this after three years, I can only guess that some one had complained to the DMV and they acted accordingly. I must admit I chose the plate because it could be interpreted as me loving a "HO" or "WHORE" but that was the fun of it. It was great to sit at lights and watch the reaction of the person behind me as the finally caught the meaning. I also gave one of these old plates to bar in WV to place on their wall but shortly there after it walked off, and one time another plate in the LUVMYHO collection was bent up on my bumper as if someone wanted a souvenir for their wall. I was ordered to return the plates to the state but the hell with that, I think I will frame one with the copy of the letter I received and laugh at the idiotic nature of VA DMV for the rest of my life.