Coping with Chaos: Analysis of Chaotic Data and The Exploitation of Chaotic Systems

Edward Ott, Univ. of Maryland
Tim Sauer, George Mason Univ.
James A. Yorke, Univ. of Maryland (eds.)

(Series: Wiley Series in Nonlinear Science)

I-0-471-02556-9 1994 432pp cloth $49.95


Demonstrates how a basic knowledge of chaos theory can be used to evaluate chaotic experimental time series data and how to apply the presence of chaos to achieve practical goals. After familiarizing the reader with fundamental concepts of chaos, the text introduces the important topics of dimension, symbolic dynamics, Lyapunov exponents and entropy. Contains extensive reprints from major papers on the subject and concludes with a research bibliography of articles directed toward coping with chaos.



Graduate Students and Professionals in Physics, Engineering and Mathematics.