What's My Beef?

While I am generally tolerant of most behavior on the Net, there are some things that really annoy me. Keep in mind that these are only my opinions, and I am not trying to force them down your throat (not that I won't, just that I can't). BTW, I don't always practice what I preach, which is fine, since nobody is perfect. But I think the Net and the Web would be a better and happier place if you follow my golden rules (most of the time).
  1. Have the common courtesy to send a thank you note!
    I don't know why people forget their manners when they correspond using email instead of more traditional forms of communication. Whenever I asked a question on the net, I generally send a thank you note to the person or persons who kindly took the time to respond to my queries. However, I find that most people don't reply in kind when I tried to help them out. Show some common courtesy!
  2. Give proper credits when you "borrowed" other people's work.
    I know that Internet and World Wide Web is a place for free interchange of information, but I really get annoyed when people start incorporating a chunk of other's web pages without any acknowledgment. This annoys me because the original creator could have spent hours and days slaving over the right kind look and feel, and then some schmuck comes along and incorporate them in his page in seconds without giving proper credits. I know it's difficult attributing original source on the web, but do your best. For starters, contact the person who's in charge of the web pages that you "borrowed" stuff from. I am sure he or she will be flattered by your "acknowledgements".
  3. For Pete's sake, put something useful on the web!
    I know homepages satisfy many people's exhibitionist and egocentric tendecies, but gazillion pictures of your cats, shoes, undergarments, etc. is just lame! If you don't have something useful, funny, or insightful to say, then shut up! I am not advocating that there be a web police enforcing what should and should not be on the web. What I am suggesting is that people should use more common sense.
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