TA from Hell!

I was a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the physics dept for several semesters, and I always enjoy some of the comments I get from teaching evaluations, be it positive or negative. The following are some of the more humorous ones including the famous "TA from Hell" critique I received in my first semester of teaching.
Leon is absolutely the worst, I repeat worst T.A. I have ever had in my history at this university. I have never met anyone so unqualified and so unfit to teach this class. He should be shot. His explanations of laboratories are completely vague, yet he expects too much of the lab reports. He doesn't explain homework, at least to a suitable extent, and when a question is asked that he cannot answer, which is quite often, he replies, "you won't have to know that", or "it's in your book". He doesn't teach. He doens't review for exams or test. He doesn't review homework, he doens't keep up with subjects in lecture, his examples are vague and ambiguous, he does understand the concepts or principles, he doesn't understand laboratories yet expects us to know everything, he laughs at our misunderstandings, his jokes aren't funny, he smells bad, he's uncooperative, he doesn't answer questions, he avoids the truth, he avoids pertinent questions, he annoys to the point of exhaustion, he has to be the most god awful, deploreable, absolutely horrible teaching assistant ever in the history of physics. And they call this higher eduation? If anyone was lucky enough to see our discussion section in progress, he would see a room full of confused minds and a scene straight out of Ferris Bueler's Day off, like somthing out of a bad movie. The T.A. from Hell. I regret ever having registered for this section, for if I would have known that Leon would be teaching this section, I would have switch out or possibly dropped this course. I don't like wasting my time. I think Leon has taken physics before, yet it's definitely not prevelant in the class room. In olden times, they beheaded, shot, maimed, and executed teachers who did not live up to their ability. Leon should've been one of these lucky few. Please tell me if I 'm in the Twilight Zone. I really do strongly feel that Leon should never teach physics ever again. He is absolutely the worst T.A.
I had the last laugh though, because this student received an F in the course (without my help, I might add, since the student failed the final and didn't turn in complete lab reports).