Poster Sessions

Posters will be allotted a 4 by 4 surface for mounting. Pushpins will be provided.

Session A: Saturday Poster Session
10:55-12:15 and 8:00-9:30

  1. Ernesto Altshuler: Revolving Rivers in Sandpile Formation

  2. George Andrews: Bifurcation Analysis of a Nonlinear Model for the Colliding Pulse Mode-locked Laser

  3. Steven Anlage: Probability Amplitude Fluctuations in Experimental Wave Chaotic Eigenmodes with and Without  Time Reversal Symmetry

  4. Douglas Armstead: Diffusion Moments in Infinite Horizon Billiards

  5. Alex Barnett: How Can Quantum-Classical Correspondence Help You Find the Eigenmodes of a Drum?

  6. Dorjsuren Battogtokh: Phase Turbulence in Nonlocally Coupled Oscillators

  7. Daniel Gauthier: Experimental Control of Spatio-Temporal Chaos in a Liquid Crystal Light Valve with Feedback

  8. Kumar Bobba: Highly Optimized Turbulence

  9. Romulus Breban: Phase Synchronization of Chaotic Attractors in the Presence of Two Competing Periodic Signals

  10. Thomas Carroll: Noise-Resistant Chaotic Maps

  11. Sundaram Ramchandran: Examination of the Nonlinear Dynamics of an Acousto-Optic Bragg Cell Under Feedback in the Near-Bragg Regime

  12. Lock Chew: Chaotic Fluctuations and the Kramers Problem

  13. Ned Corron: Control of Long-Period Orbits and Arbitrary Trajectories in Chaotic Systems Using Dynamic Limiting

  14. Antonio Endler: Complex Stable Orbits for Real Parameters of the Henon Map

  15. Cahit Erkal: A Time Series Analysis of Temperature Data

  16. John Finn: Extracting Invariant Statistics from Symbolic Time Series with Non-Markovian Partitions

  17. Vladimir Grebenev: Invariant Sets and Explicit Solutions to the Problem of Shearless Turbulent Mixing Layer

  18. Cristian Huepe: Turbulent Dynamics on a System of Self-Propelled Particles

  19. Lucas Illing: Shaping Current Pulses for Direct Modulation of Semiconductor Lasers

  20. Varga Imre: Duality Between the Weak and Strong Interaction Limits of Deformed Fermionic Two-Body Random Ensembles

  21. Rider Jaimes: Synchronization of Two Coupled Parametrically Modulated Duffing Oscillators

  22. Kresimir Josic: Chaotic Phase Synchronization in Systems with Small Phase Diffusion

  23. Evgueni Karpenko: Analytical Solutions to Investigate Dynamics of a Piecewise Nonlinear Rotor System

  24. Chil-Min Kim: Hierarchical Structure Communication System Using Sequential Synchronization of Chaotic Systems

  25. Chil-Min Kim: Intermittent Desynchronization and Patterns in Coupled Lattice Oscillators

  26. Douglas Kurtze: Delay Model of the Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation

  27. Gene Kwon: Startup and Transient Dynamics of Grains in a Shearcell

  28. Justin Lacombe: Three-Dimensional Bifurcations of a Torus with Applications to Fluid Mixing

  29. Ying-Cheng Lai: Tunneling and Nonhyperbolicity in Quantum Dots

  30. Wing-Shun Lam: Macroscopic Influence of Quantum Noise in Power Dropout Phenomena for Semiconductor Lasers with Optical Feedback

  31. Aquiles Ilarraza-Lomeli: Chaos-like Behavior in Models of the Dripping Faucet

  32. David Lazanja: A Simplified Advection-Diffusion Equation for Chaotic Flows

  33. Kyuyong Lee: The Dynamics of the Morphological Transition in Directional Solidification

  34. Andrew Levitt: Poking at Colloidal Glasses

  35. Zonghua Liu: Transition to Chaos in Continuous-Time Random Dynamical Systems

  36. Maria Malugina: Magnetostatic Waves under Difference Magnetization in Layered Structures

  37. Eva Martin Fierro: Dynamically Localized Wave Packets as a Tool to Study the Dynamics of the LiNC/LiCN Isomerization Reaction

  38. Ryan McAllister: Complex Dynamics and its Control in a Loss-Modulated Nd:YAG Laser

  39. William McHarris: Several Quantum Mechanics Imponderables Consistent with Explanations Involving Chaos

  40. Bruce Miller: Gravitational Phase Transition: A Dynamical Study

  41. Christoph Raeth: Testing (Nonlinear) Measures for Time Series and Point Distributions Using Surrogates

  42. Adrienne Raglin: Winner Take All Dynamics in a Large Array of Opto-Electronic Feedback

  43. Charles Reichhardt: Rectification and Phase Locking for Particles on Two Dimensional Periodic Substrates

  44. Gareth Roberts: Newton's Versus Halley's Method: An Approach Via Complex Dynamics

  45. Elizabeth Russell: Spatial Scale of Response of the Ferroin-Catalyzed Belousov-Zhabotinski Reaction to Perturbations

  46. Indu Satija: hbar \to 0 in Kicked Systems: Reassurances and Surprises

  47. Ira Schwartz: Open Loop Sustained Chaos and Control - A Global Manifold Approach

  48. Dipendra Sengupta: Control of Chaos in RCL-Shunted Josephson Junction by Sinusoidal Forcing

  49. Scot Shaw: Quantum and Classical Branched Electron Flow

  50. David Sweet: Fractal Dimension of Chaotic Saddles in the Kuramoto-Sivashinski Equation

  51. David Sukow: Observations of Mixed-Mode Dynamics in a Diode Laser with Delayed Optical Feedback

  52. Imre Varga: Duality Between the Weak and Strong Interaction Limits of Deformed Fermionic Two-Body Random Ensembles

  53. Dowman Varn: Language Extraction from ZnS

  54. Nicholas Weber: Suppression of Chaos by Lowpass Filtered Feedback

  55. Daniel Wojcik: Quantum Multibaker Maps

  56. Guocheng Yuan: Particle Dispersion, Cross-Stream Transport, and Potential Vorticity Mixing at Depth in a Meandering Jet

  57. Liqiang Zhu: Effect of Filtering on Information-Carrying Capacity of Chaotic Signals

  58. Aleksey Zimin: Bifurcation Scenarios for Bubbling Transition

  59. Mason Porter: Quantum Chaos in Vibrating Billiard Systems

  60. Rachel Courtland: Study of Aging in Colloidal Glasses

Session B: Sunday Poster Session
10:55-12:15 and 8:00-9:30

  1. Karl-Fredrik Berggren: Distribution of Vortices and Currents in Open Chaotic Quantum Billiards

  2. Joern Davidsen: 1/f Noise at Long Time Scales in Self-Organized Criticality

  3. Eugenio Degroote: Theoretical Analysis of Flame Spreading Over Liquid Fuels

  4. David DeShazer: Noise-Induced Burst Synchronization of Erbium-Doped Fiber Ring-Lasers

  5. Meenakshi Dutt: Numerical Model of a Granular Collider Experiment

  6. Dominique Escande: Turbulent Evolution of a Plasma Described Through Classical Mechanics

  7. Antonina Fedorova: World of Patterns: From Localization to Chaos

  8. Matthew Ferguson: Pattern Formation in Polymer Blend Thin Films

  9. John Finn: The Effect of Lagrangian Chaos on Locking Bifurcations in Shear Flows

  10. Stephan Chaterpaul: Spatial Scale of Response of the Ferroin-Catalyzed Belousov-Zhabotinski Reaction to Perturbations

  11. Scott Franklin: 2-D Packing and Ordering of Needles

  12. Ibiyinka Fuwape: Intermittency in Globally Coupled Chaotic Maps

  13. Junfei Geng: Green's Function Measurements in 2D Granular Materials

  14. Chris Goodridge: NIR Analysis of Powder Blending in a Ribbon Blender

  15. Irina Gorodnitsky: Ansatz Libraries for Systems with Quadratic and Cubic Nonlinearities

  16. Mark Graham: Nonlinear Effects in Standing Waves on a String

  17. Parvez Guzdar: Studies on the Stability of Complex Ginzburg Landau Equations with Time-Delay

  18. Ilan Harrington: Uncontrollable Perturbation Modes in the n-D Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation

  19. Harold Hastings: The Onset of Target Waves in the Ferroin-Catalyzed Belousov-Zhabotinski Reaction

  20. Buckley Hopper: Limiter Control of a Chaotic RF Transistor Oscillator

  21. Meiying Hou: The Effect of Electric-Field Induced Aggregation to the Granular Flow

  22. Ning Ju: Exponential Dichotomies and Invariant Manifolds

  23. Ryoichi Kawai: Collective Transport in Coupled Parametrically Driven Pendulums

  24. Chil-Min Kim: Periodic Phase Synchronization in Coupled Chaotic Oscillators

  25. Chil-Min Kim: Route to Complete Synchronization in Coupled Non-Identical Chaotic Oscillators

  26. Jong-Won Kim: Front Propagation of Spatio-Temporal Chaos

  27. Peter Kokol: Chaos in Software Design

  28. Bruce Miller: Influence of Expansion on the Development of Hierarchical Structure

  29. Kevin Mitchell: Chaotic Decay of Hydrogen in Parallel Fields

  30. Jeff Moehlis: Low-dimensional Models for Turbulence

  31. Kim Montgomery: Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Feedback Control Methods in Stabilizing Traveling Wave Solutions to the Complex Ginzburg Landau Equation

  32. David Morgan: Existence of Axisymmetric Solutions in the 2-D Gray-Scott Model and Their Destabilization into Spots

  33. Satoru Morita: Collective Motions of Interactive Systems on High-Dimensional Networks

  34. Takashi Nishikawa: The Smallest Small-World Network

  35. Michael Oczkowski: Continuum-Coupled Map (CCM) Studies of Periodically Forced Extended Systems

  36. Cynthia Olson Reichhardt: Order, Stability, and Ratchet-Induced Transport of Non-spherical Grains

  37. David Peak: Giant Fluctuations in Flow Through Fractured Media:  A Stochastic, Self-Organized Dynamics Model

  38. Louis Pecora: Synchronization of Oscillators in Smallworld Systems

  39. Jordan Pekor: The Onset of Target Waves in the Ferroin-Catalyzed Belousov-Zhabotinski Reaction

  40. Paul Petersan: Oscillating Fracture in Rubber

  41. Shawn Pethel: Chaotic Synchronization through a Symbol Channel

  42. Nikola Petrov: Fourier and Wavelet Methods for Analysis of Regularity - Applications to Circle Maps

  43. Woodrow Shew: Liquid Sodium Model of Earth's Core

  44. Pragya Shukla: Level Statistics of Complex Systems

  45. Nathaniel Sizemore: Growth and Propagation of Disturbances in a Communication Network Model

  46. Justin Stambaugh: Patterns in Vertically Vibrated Dipolar Granular Spheres

  47. Oliver Steinbock: Pulse Interaction and Wave Train Instabilities in Excitable Reaction-Diffusion Systems

  48. ans: The Propagation of Metal-Dissolution Waves on the Surface of Corroding Steel

  49. Roberto Tonelli: The Chua's Periodic Table

  50. Ioana Triandaf: Detecting Parametric Changes Using Chaos in Continuum Mechanics

  51. Yue-Kin Tsang: Two Dimensional Turbulence with Drag: Wavenumber Energy Spectrum and Intermittency

  52. Ludmila Turukina: The Generality and Difference of the Transition to Chaos in Terms of the Flows and Maps

  53. Brian Utter: Low Anisotropy Growth in Directional Solidification

  54. Corrie Vaa: Measurement of the Ray-Splitting Correction to the Weyl Formula

  55. Yuan-nan Young: Mean Flow in Rotating Hexagonal Convection: Stability and Nonlinear Dynamics

  56. Guocheng Yuan: Estimating Predictability Using Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

  57. Michael Zeitlin: Localization, Coherence and Pattern Formation in Nonlinear (Quasi) Classical Dynamics

  58. Ryan McAllister: Competition Between Two Frequencies in Phase Synchronization in a Chaotic Nd:YAG Laser

  59. A. S. Sharma: Global and Multi-Scale Dynamics of the Magnetosphere: Phase Transition Behavior